Caledonia touch for Massage, hypnosis and holistical healing in Aberdeen
Caledonia touch
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Caledonia touch Reiki is a non-invasive healing where the Universal life force is channelled through the therapist to the recipient hereby working towards the path of realisation.
Caledonia touch Reiki strengthens the immune system.
Caledonia touch Reiki stimulates personal growth.
Caledonia touch Aids relaxation and reduce stress.

Caledonia touch Karuna is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism and Buddhism. Karuna translation is any action that is taken to diminish suffering of others
Caledonia touch Karuna heals on a cellular level, releases cellular memory thus healing trauma.
Caledonia touch Karuna assists with healing the heart, developing unconditional love and compassion.
Caledonia touch Karuna assists with healing addictions, increases motivation for self improvement, spiritual growth and assists on manifesting goals.
Caledonia touch Angel Healing ® 'Angel' comes from the word Angelos which is the Greek word for messenger. The fifteen Archangels I am attuned to have many attributes
Caledonia touch Releasing stress, balancing and understanding emotions
Caledonia touch Inspiration, mental clarity for exams and projects
Caledonia touch Manifesting all one needs for their path
Caledonia touch Transmuting all that no longer serves

Caledonia touch for Massage, shamanism and holistical healing in Aberdeen
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