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Caledonia touch Alison Christie worked in the oil industry for two decades, during the latter six years Alison volunteered with the 'Chest, Heart and Stroke Association,' the 'Pillar Project' which was a drop in centre for adults with mental health difficulties and a social club for adults with physical and or learning difficulties at Woodlands Hospital in Aberdeen.

Caledonia touch Self Realisation arose through a fabulous opportunity Alison had to live in Yokohama, Japan. This was the beginning of a thirst for knowledge of various methods of healing from the Far East. The experience and knowledge gained was the beginning of the commencement on Alison's path to personal healing which in turn led to self realisation.

Caledonia touch Buddhism since returning from Japan Alison felt drawn to explore Buddhism. Her journey commenced at Samye Ling, near Lockerbie. The next stage of Alison's Journey was a working holiday at Sunyata which was a Buddhist Retreat Centre near Limerick, Eire. Thereafter Alison lived for four months at Jampa Ling, a Buddhist Reatreat Centre near Cavan, Eire absorbing the daily meditations and teachings from Lama Panchen Otrul Rinpoche.


Caledonia touch
I found that the head massage that you gave me was very therapeutic. It relaxed me so quickly that my mind almost instantly drifted off into a very deep dream like state, which lasted until near the end of the massage. It was very relaxing and freeing. The talk therapy put some perspective on life. It left me feeling positive, and is itself very healing.
Caledonia touch
I found the Indian Head Massage to be very relaxing which reduced the stress I was suffering from. Thank you
Caledonia touch
Thank you for the Indian Head Massage, it was wonderful for relaxing my neck and shoulders.
Caledonia touch
Many thanks for my Reiki session. You stopped me in my tracks. I felt totally relaxed and energised. I also found decision making easier.
Fondest Regards,
Caledonia touch
The Reiki treatment felt wonderful - afterwards I felt very grounded and balanced with a sense of well-being.
S.R. Milton
Caledonia touch
Just a note to say how great I thought my hypnotherapy session was. I found it very relaxing and a wonderful experience. I have driven our car twice now and did not have my previous feelings of panic and anxiety. I was nervous but still confident that I could do it. I have booked some lessons to refresh my skills and further boost my confidence. Have recommended you to friends and would not hesitate to return for further sessions if I need them.
Many Thanks,
Caledonia touch
After an hour long Swedish massage, I felt such a wonderful glow - so relaxed and content - almost floated out the door. All tension in my body had disappeared and recharged to face the world. Thank you very much Alison for all your attention,
Caledonia touch
I really enjoyed my therapy from Alison. The Shamanic Healing was really interesting and amazing. I went to places I could never dream up, it was relaxing and moving into another dimension was something I havent done before, even though I meditate it was different from that. After my therapy I felt very positive and it helped me to move forward in life. I did have a healing crisis as well which is never easy to deal with but I felt like I had shed a lot of dead wood from my emotional life. I would highly recommend it.
Lesley Indigo

Caledonia touch for Massage, shamanism and holistical healing in Aberdeen
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