Caledonia touch for Massage, hypnosis and holistical healing in Aberdeen
Caledonia touch
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Caledonia touch Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness which forms a bridge between the mind and body. Being in a pleasant and drowsy state the suggestion of the therapist can reach your subconscious mind and assist to rediscover the natural aptitudes which are yours already so as to re-adjust and re-arrange your existing talents.

Caledonia touch For fears and phobias
Caledonia touch Weightloss
Caledonia touch Smokers
Caledonia touch Anxiety and worry
Caledonia touch Confidence building
Caledonia touch Fear of flying
Caledonia touch Self assertion

Caledonia touch Spiritual Response Therapy researches past life energies, subconscious blocks and negative soul programming. The information gained assists the Higher Self to access the Akashic Records and any discordant energies or programmes from the soul records of the past, present and future. The benefits are:
Caledonia touch Abundance
Caledonia touch Improved Relationships
Caledonia touch Resolution to Health Issues
Caledonia touch Freeing your gifts and talents
Caledonia touch Clearer connection with you Higher Self and Purpose
Caledonia touch Life goal manifests easier after resistance is cleared

Caledonia touch for Massage, shamanism and holistical healing in Aberdeen
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